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WordPress Instant Search Plugin

WordPress Instant Search Plugin looks for matched tags and categories on your blog and offers suggestions to readers which improves search experiece. Since WordPress searches into tags and categories for entered text, this plugin will let readers choose correct tag or category that match what they are looking for on your blog and WordPress will return very accurate results.

  1. WordPress 2.9.2 Minimum
  2. Search Template in your theme with input element id “s”. Example: <input type="text" value="" name="s" id="s">
  3. Make sure wp_head action hook is added within the <head></head> section of your active theme header.php template. If does not exist, add it right before </head> in your active theme header.php template. Should look like this

<?php wp_head(); ?>

How Plugin Works
  1. <?php wp_head(); ?> in your active theme header.php template will load required JavaScript files.
  2. Plugin hooks in jQuery, jQuery Suggest and Instant Search JavaScript files within the <head></head> section of your active theme header.php template
  3. As reader starts typing into Search box, jQuery triggers AJAX call to plugin
  4. Plugin suggests tags and categories starting with entered text
  5. Reader can select the suggested terms (tags and categories) to fill out the search box and hit Enter key
What’s coming next
  1. Configuration Screen with option to load jQuery or not. You might already have jQuery loaded from Google or somewhere else, so you can check this option off if you do not want two jQuery loaded on the page.
  2. Input boxes on Configuration Screen to change CSS (including properties like color, bgcolor of selected text or classes itself)
  3. Options to expand auto suggest to Pages & Posts Titles and Custom Taxonomies
  1. WP Instant Search – A plugin developed by New York Times blogs developer, @jayminkapish http://bit.ly/aasA1HJeremy Zilar (Blogs Specialist at The New York Times)
  2. New WordPress plugin by @nytimes developer @jayminkapish: WP Instant Search http://db.ly/vyDaniel Bachhuber

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